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What do we consider important when renting a car? Selection, reliability, customer service, and PRICE! Based on personal experience and from listening to our clients SeaView Rentals has come to the conclusion that Adobe Rent A Car hands down beats all the other companies in Costa Rica.

Adobe has a wide verity of vehicles to choose from so you can find what fits your needs. When you arrive the rental agent will be waiting to take you to their offices and will assist you with directions to your destination. If you should need assistance with your car, they are prompt and come prepared.

When you get in your for the first time you will know that this car has been very well maintained. There are no wobbly rear view mirrors or rattling noises. Also, for those of us who love music, there is a radio AND a CD player/MP3 reader! My personal favorite radio station in Costa Rica is 99.5 FM – Radio Dos.

Best of all, the prices are reasonable and compatible with the other companies. You may find lower however those are usually what you might call a rent-a-wrecks. When renting monthly from Adobe we have found the savings to be over $250 for each month. When coming for longer times this will give you the freedom to explore Costa Rica to its fullest!!!

The rates Adobe quotes include all taxes and the mandatory minimum insurance. If you receive quotes from other companies make sure they include this mandatory insurance and all the taxes. Unfortunately there are too many car rental companies out there that don’t include these costs, even though the law requires them. It makes for a bad beginning to your vacation when right off the bat you are hit with additional costs on your rental car that can be pretty steep. Adobe’s deductible is $1,000.

Adobe Rent A Car has offices all over Costa Rica. It is nice to know that IF you needed them, they are close by. Adobe also offers 24 hour road side service. However since they have the newest fleet of rental cars available in the country you probably won’t need it!

When renting from Adobe you will have the assurance of customer care and experience from the time you arrive until the time you have to leave. For all these reasons we decided to affiliate with Adobe and offer their rental cars to our clients.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about renting a car in Costa Rica.

Reserve your car at Adobe Car Rental by using the form above.

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